a life update

I have been gone for what feels like a few days or several decades. The passing of time during a global pandemic is wild. Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out to tell me they miss my posts. There were only a few of you, but that really meant so much to me. This project has been a really good outlet for me, and I don’t feel like I’m doing this for anyone else other than myself, but it is so reassuring to know that others actually care. Also shout out to all of the spam comments from robots(?), they have been making me laugh.

About a month ago I wanted to write a post about new things in my life, but those are far from new now, so I will just briefly catch you up. I started volunteering weekly at a local community garden with one of my best friends and it was such an enjoyable experience. I typically don’t see her that frequently, so it was a nice change of pace. Being outdoors and doing physical labor also felt so nice. I had hardly been doing anything for months before, so it was so rewarding to make an impact on the physical earth. Gardening is something that I don’t love during the actual process, but it makes me feel so good after. I was a volunteer at a similar community garden during my freshman year of college and it introduced me to a new picture of sustainability and very interesting people.

Around the same time that I started volunteering, I started a lil tie-dye business. It has been so much fun, making things and connecting with people, and I am just so excited. I am still figuring things out which has been a really interesting business learning experience that has given me a new appreciation for small businesses and handmade goods. I really expected like 2 people to be interested, so thank you so much to everyone that has been supporting me! My new favorite thing is to make jokes about the tie-dye business like it is the stock market.

Finally, probably in late June, a little kitten ran out of the woods into our dog’s mouth and our hearts. He literally came out of nowhere and is such a basic brown tabby, but I don’t know how I lived without him. So yeah, that’s been my life. I am currently feeling very inspired and optimistic about writing so expect to hear from me soon. I just finished up my summer classes, which were way more work than I was expecting, but it feels good to be done and in my two weeks of pure summer.

Love, Olivia

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  1. I’m home and back online and just now reading this! Volunteering with you at Franklinton was definitely a very special part of my summer also — as was getting to be with you. <3 <3

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