tick city, b****

I was also considering titling this “tick city by me (feat. tyga)”, but I thought I would keep it short and sweet.

I love nature, I love pretty views, and I love my boyfriend. So when Daniel, my boyfriend, and I made plans to watch the sunset at a nearby park, I thought nothing could go wrong. However, I had the worst experience with ticks that I have ever had.

You might be thinking it’s strange that I have past experiences with ticks. You might’ve never even seen one, but they are an old enemy of mine. Ticks love me. I probably find one crawling on me at least once every 3 months. Just when I start to feel at ease again, I feel the familiar pinch or tickle up my leg and I know that no time or place can be truly tick free. I may be used to finding them on me, but I am not used to it all. I still freak out and want to crawl out of my own skin for at least an hour after the encounter.

I am ranting about ticks yet again though. We were at the park, having a nice time. When I think a mosquito is on my leg, I playfully swat it away. Oh no, no mosquito was present. They were run out of town by the five ticks I see crawling up my leg. I don’t even know what to do at this point, I keep throwing them off of me but just see more. I start to freeze as Daniel is trying to calm me down but then I realize that I need to escape tick city. I just run away, even as Daniel reasons that I am just running back into where the ticks jumped on me.

We were probably like a mile into this trail, a nice walk but not a distance I want to run frantically away from ticks. I don’t really swear, but I was only uttering swears on this run. My brain could not comprehend what was happening and how that many ticks got on me. The trail was surrounded by tall grasses, but we were walking in the middle on a mowed grass path that I considered a safe zone. During this frantic run, I kept stopping to throw more ticks off of me. They knew we were coming, and they were out for blood. When we got back to the car, we both took off our shoes and socks and just found more ticks!! Where did they come from? Where did they go? Where did you come from, Cotton-Eye Joe?

This experience was very startling but writing about it in this way has given me some much-needed comedic relief. I hope this made you smile, and I hope you have learned to never go outside again because ticks will relentlessly attack you.