my favorite positive affirmations

Amidst a pandemic of both COVID-19 and racism, I have been feeling a lot more anxious. I am scared of those abusing power in our society and urgently want to protect the vulnerable. I know this situation is not about me and that I am nowhere near being a victim during this time. I want to do all that I can to support the victims and protestors, but I also must take care of my own mental well-being to do so. Below are some links to petitions I have signed and places to donate, and I encourage you all to support in whatever way you can. I recognize that this post of affirmations may come across as unnecessary or tone-deaf during this time, as there are much larger societal issues that we must address, but I hope it can bring you all a bit of peace and self-reassurance as we continue the battle against racism. Whenever I am feeling particularly overwhelmed or helpless, these are some of my favorite affirmations to tell myself. We are all incredibly strong individuals who WILL bring about the societal change we desperately need.

Affirmations to remind you of your strength and power:

I am strong and capable.

I have the ability to make a positive change in this world.

I am more than my thoughts.

I am worthy of giving and receiving love.

I am a source of positivity.

I give myself the time and space that I need to grow.

I control how I respond to situations.

I stand up for injustices.

My opinions matter.

2 thoughts on “my favorite positive affirmations”

  1. This was so nice to read. I woke up this morning thinking about how self-care should play a part in all of this. The affirmations were really nice to read and I will be using them!

    1. Yes, I was inspired to write this after seeing a post about self-care for activists. I’m glad you like them!!

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